Monday, February 29, 2016

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces
Gerri August 


While reading this text one thing kept entering my mind; From my K-12 years, I was NEVER educated on LGBT. In fact, our school didn't have an LGBT club until my senior year, and even then it only had a few members, and no one knew what it was about. It wasn't until my freshman year of college when I actually found out what LGBT was. That's actually very alarming to me. Even looking back now while I was growing up, there were only three LGBT people that I came in contact with. Two were a gay couple who had an adopted son that I played baseball with, and the other was a classmate of mine who came out in 11th grade. From what I remember from both situations was that people made a very large deal about them. No one in my town ever really encountered LGBT, so when they did, they would be very awkward about it. It makes me think; Was this just my town? Or were other surrounding towns just as uneducated about LGBT as we all were? This also connects back to last weeks reading about Disney movies. Not only Disney movies, but any show I watched as a child growing up. I can't think of a single movie/show that talked about this group. Another interesting thing was that I had never heard of the gay civil rights movement. That hyperlink is actually a timeline of the movement, and there was a TON of things on there that I was not aware of.

Questions/Comments/Points to Share:
The big question that I have is do any of you feel the same as me? Do you feel like you were not educated at all on any of this?

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  1. Your blog proves that kids and even adults should be educated on the LGBT community. The LGBT community must be talked about so people become aware of who they are and why they are just as important as anyone else.